04 busselton toyota

just an update on my latest project under construction, busselton toyota.

currently being built by innovest construction, the project consisted of the design & documentation of the demolition and reconstruction of the existing busselton toyota showroom and offices in west st, busselton.

the new two storey development was designed in line with toyotas latest facility guidelines and strict environmental standards, it consists of a new car showroom and reception, service and parts department and upper floor administration area.

once completed it will offer  ‘state of the art’ facilities making it one of the most innovative car dealerships in the state.

construction is expected to be completed in October 2013 so ill keep you posted on its progress.


03 container

things are happening fast around here, along with the new look, website etc etc, I’ve just taken possession of a sea container that I’m converting into a home office.

it will be small by some standards but perfect for me,  positioned amongst the trees at the front of our block, I’m trying to make it as eco friendly as possible,  it will be full insulated, powered by a stand alone solar PV power system and will have plenty of cross ventilation with a full height sliding door to the southern end and a large slot window to the eastern wall, both will be glazed with high performance glass.

the glazed sliding door to the south will also give the constant south light perfect for offices / studios.

the west facing wall will be externally clad with a steel mesh on which a fruitless grape vine will provide protection from the western sun in summer.

work has just began on the fit out so ill keep you posted on its progress.


02 space light order

part of the new look is the tag ‘space light order’ i’ve adopted. its a take from a quote by the architect, le corbusier, famous for being one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture.

“space and light and order. those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.”

 le corbusier

le corbusier was also noted for his ‘5 points of architecture’, well worth checking out further –  http://suite101.com/article/corbusierfive-points-towards-a-new-architecture-a179768

the 5 points of architecture and his ‘space light order’ ultimately sums up what I try to capture in all of my work


01 ready to go

well here we are, a web site that is up and running at last, including a new ‘look’, it’s been ‘under construction‘ in my mind for about the past 2 years so thanks to ian www.rhythmmedia.com.au and scott www.sanzwebdevelopment.com.au for their help in getting it sorted over the past few months and denis for the photos.

i’ll be posting a blog every 2 weeks or so on all sorts of news, happenings and inspirations that spark an interest for me, and hopefully for you, so thanks for reading and hope you catch up next time.